the wee me

Hello and thank you for visiting me!


I am the wee food blogger, who started out in early 2016 when I quit smoking and realised I actually had taste buds (who knew?) and needed something else to occupy myself with.

A little about the wee old me; I am a Scottish native who lived in Brighton for 9 years and loved it: the atmosphere, the sea, the people and, of course, the food. The passion came from there.

We are now decamping to Scotland to find pastures new and some new places to eat!

Despite being an extremely fussy eater as a child and growing up on chicken dippers and supernoodles, I am now up for trying everything (see horse post from Reykjavik) and love cooking. I am still partial to an occasional chicken dipper and a supernoodle sandwich, if you were wondering.

Here you will find lots of reviews from around Brighton & Hove, occasionally further afield if we have been away on a trip, and simple, down to earth, recipes that don’t cost a bomb to make. In time there will be lots of new Scotland based posts from our new adventures.

Frugal first, foodie second. I am Scottish, after all.

These are simple posts from a simple food lover, all for the love of food.

Come, join me!

the wee food blogger x