FOOD NEWS: Edinburgh Food for Good Coalition launches Crowdfunder

Since launching their Crowdfunder on the 20th of March, Nourish Scotland, Edinburgh Food Festival, Edinburgh Food Social, Nourishing Change and Slow Food Scotland have raised £6,090.00 for the Food for Good Coalition. Last week alone, the Food for Good Collective in Edinburgh cooked 3,275 meals, which were distributed via a number of partner organisations, as well as through decentralised local drop-offs with community organisers and emergency door-to-door deliveries. Donations have been made by 131 supporters, with only nine days left to reach their £10,000 target. There have been 21 different dishes prepared in three kitchens by teams of volunteers, with international and scottish favourites like 100 portions of haggis, 150 portions of leek and potato soup, 200 chicken pies and 150 portions of dahl.

Steve Brown, Head of Food at Edinburgh Food Social said:
“We have been blown away by the support by businesses and individuals in the Edinburgh community, proving that no one should feel isolated from good, wholesome food. Please visit our Crowdfunder page if you are able to make a donation, raising our goal of £10,000 would mean we can continue to be making and distributing meals to those in need.”
Steve continued:
“Even in times of global challenge, we maintain that no one should fall through the cracks, good food should be available to all, no one should feel isolated from nourishment. We are supporting many organisations which have been under pressure to provide healthy food to people in isolation. Just £20 could feed a family of four in need of our services for a whole week.”
To support the Food for Good coalition, people are being encouraged to donate to the organisation through its Crowd Funder page. Donations will be used to help buy vital cleaning supplies, source ingredients and to support those giving their time to cook and distribute the food to those that need it.

Edinburgh businesses are also being encouraged to donate surplus food to the group which will then be put into meals for those in need. Residents can also make referrals to areas of the community or individuals in need.

Further information can be found here:

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