christmas gift guide 2019 | book edition

The ultimate gift for a foodie – a cookbook. Who doesn’t love a book that evolves around our favourite topic?

This year, I’ve got a round up of some of my favourites and ones that I’m hoping for this year myself!

Please note most / all of these will be available to buy in local bookshops but for ease, I have linked them to Amazon. Prices are subject to change, and are correct at time of writing. 


1. Meera Sodha’s East £13.12

Meera Sodha’s Guardian recipes are probably my most-saved – they all look absolutely delicious and, most importantly, easy to make without a Santa-esque scroll length list of ingredients. This is number one on my own Christmas list this year.

2. Sabrina Ghayour’s Bazaar £17.15

I have Persiana and Sirocco – two of Sabrina’s previous books and they’re two of my favourites. They make middle eastern cooking accessible and this one focuses on vegetarian recipes. We can all use more vegetables!

3. Ailidh Forlan’s Street Food Scotland £13.48

My friend, the author, now that’s pretty cool to write! The much anticipated debut book from our very own Ailidh of Plate Expectations who travelled the length and breadth of Scotland to find all of our very best street food vendors and got them to share their recipes and the stories of labour and love that go into the wee trucks that we see.

4. Cerys Matthews’ Where the Wild Cooks Go £15.01

This one just caught my eye and I felt it was perfect if you wanted something a little different for the bohemians in your life! Promising a mixture of recipes, poetry, songs and cocktails this cookbook with a difference is also great for music lovers with a Spotify playlist for each country she visits in the book.


5. & 6. Nigel Slater’s Greenfeast Spring, Summer £12.94 & Autumn, Winter £12.99

Arguably the most popular food writer in Britain today, Nigel Slater’s two latest cookbooks will not only look wonderful on your shelf with their striking colours, but the Sunday Times bestsellers also celebrate all things green.

7. Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s A Life in 12 Recipes £15.39

I was gifted a copy of this for review – it’s a lovely inspiring book of part memoir, part recipe which charts the French chef’s life from being kicked out of high school at 15 to becoming a Michelin starred chef. Want to inspire the chef in your life to take a leap? This is the one for them. The sky is the limit as Jean-Georges teaches us.

8. Jay Rayner’s My Last Supper £10.07

Britain’s favourite critic gets asked “So, Jay, what would your last meal be?” so often that he’s written a whole book on the subject! Part research into our fascination with this subject, part anecdotal, part exploration into the very best of the very best, Jay chooses the top dishes that would make his Last Supper.

9. Flora Shedden’s Aran £15.40

It’s a special kind of baker who gets somewhere like Dunkeld on the national foodie map! Great British Bake Off semi-finalist from 2015, Flora now runs the Aran bakery in Dunkeld, which is no stranger to queues out the door for eager people clamouring for her baked goods. Aran is a book of modern bakery recipes set against a backdrop of the Scottish countryside.


10. Dishoom’s From Bombay with Love £19.06

I got this for my birthday and I love it! Dishoom is a firm favourite of mine – the setting, the service and of course the food. Sharing their popular recipes (yes, including the bacon naan!) and some of the most gorgeous photographs and stories. It’s quite literally a love letter to Bombay.

11.  Rukmini Iyer’s Green Roasting Tin £7.00

Another on my own Christmas wishlist this year, I have previously gifted to vegetarians in my life who have only sung its praises. The ideal gift for busy people – in particular families! – this books saves on time and washing up. Music to my tired mama ears. Rukmini has also written The Roasting Tin and The Quick Roasting Tin so there is one of these for each kind of cook!

12. Elly Pear’s Green £9.99

A combination of freezeable food, fuss-free week night suppers, more languishing recipes for the weekend. Beautifully photographed, these recipes will inspire you for years to come!

13. Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats £13.74

A favourite I found on Instagram, Rachel cooks the most delicious looking and sounding plant based meals that are accessible for all and would make even the most hardened of meat eaters in your life hard-pressed to find fault with vegan food!

Well, that should keep you hungry lot going for a while. What other books are on your wishlists this year?


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