FOOD NEWS: Stockbridge restaurant Merienda introduces “build your own” tasting menu

Stockbridge restaurant, Merienda, are introducing a “build your own tasting menu” to the Edinburgh food scene this month.

Traditionally, restaurants who offer a tasting menu offer a set six courses for their guests, to provide a sample of their cuisine, or to take advantage of fresh seasonal ingredients. However, Mediterranean restaurant Merienda are launching a new concept for their summer menu, offering flexibility for diners, where guests can choose from twenty eight dishes from their menu to create their own taste experience.

Co-Owner Giselle Mickel comments:

“We think it’s important to provide guests with the chance to design their own sensory experience. Each vibrant plate that comes out of the kitchen invites one to taste with their eyes first, before proceeding to experience the complex, delicious combination of flavours. So it’s important to let guests create their own journey and let them explore”

Merienda change their menu monthly to ensure that the ingredients are in season and local. To try June’s concept, please call 0131 220 2020 to book!

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