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I thought it was about time I did a review on the place that has officially taken the most of my maternity pay!

It’s one of those places that once you know about it you will keep going back, but it’s a wee bit off the beaten track so you might not necessarily know it’s there. I’m letting you into my favourite secret here! It’s become my go-to for coffee, cake, brunch and lunch.

MILK is found down the Victoria path network between Victoria Park and Lindsay Road in the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop building. It’s a cool, contemporary space with glass walls looking into the courtyard of the sculpture workshop. It is effortlessly cool and unaffectedly so.

I have been countless times since I discovered it last Autumn.

Reasons why I love it:

  • Excellent decaf coffee (they use Santu beans)
  • Plenty of space for pram(s)
  • Lovely staff
  • There are always at least two vegan cakes
  • The cakes are always delicious
  • The food is incredible, everytime
  • It’s dog friendly
  • Seasonal produce and a menu which is created around this
  • Daily specials so it always feels fresh no matter how often you go!

As they put it themselves, “MILK is a destination for good that is “sound, seasonal and natural.”

I’ve shared various posts on Instagram over the last few months but I thought it was definitely worthy of a blog post.

Here are some of the highlights of the treats I’ve tried there…

Milk at ESW, Hawthornvale, Edinburgh

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