most memorable meals 2018

What a whirlwind of a year it’s been 🌪️

We started house hunting in January, had a weekend away in February, bought a house in April, had a babymoon in May, a baby in July and the rest has been a blur ever since!

Saving for a flat and baby meant that I’ve not eaten out quite as much as I normally would have or would have liked to but I did get lots of generous offers to dine out and of course we managed to squeeze in a few weeks treats – pre & post baby! And now, summarising this list I’ve realised I did actually eat out quite a lot…!

Origano, Edinburgh

There’s no surprise that these guys end up on everyone’s “best pizza in Edinburgh” lists. Sublime.

Baba, Edinburgh

Sumptuous Levantine ‘sharing’ plates that are so good you won’t want to share. The cauliflower fritters were a particular highlight. Full review.

Dishoom, Edinburgh

“I mean, how good can a bit of bacon on a naan bread really be” were my naive thoughts before I tried it for myself. Game changer. Have returned several times since. Read here why their service is the best.

Brandons, Edinburgh

Mouth watering bao buns with great service and pupper friendly pub. Excellent brunch spot too.

Bibimbap, Glasgow

Filling my Brighton Pompoko shaped hole, Bibimbap serve up Korean goodies. Full review.

Aurora, Edinburgh

Time and time again, Aurora never fails to impress. Best brunch in Leith.

Six by Nico, Edinburgh

The “chippie” menu seems to be everyone’s favourite of the year – the Scrabster scampi was heaven. Excited to see what themes 2019 brings. Full review.

Browns, Glasgow

Here for the carrot cake which my boyfriend hailed “phenomenal”. Full review.

Element, Edinburgh

One of my favourite lunch spots in Edinburgh – classic pub grub but done really, really well.

Nok’s Kitchen, Edinburgh

A Stockbridge staple, Nok’s have the friendliest of staff & the yummiest of Thai food in Edinburgh.

East Pizza, Edinburgh

Contender for best pizza in Edinburgh. Just looking at this makes me droooooolllllll.

Toast, Edinburgh

I would eat these eggs benny everyday if I could. Velvety veloute-like hollandaise with perfectly poached eggs and crispy capers.

The Scottish Cafe, Edinburgh

Not just for tourists. This was the lesson we learnt when we visited in summer. Excellent service and even better food. Full review.

83 Hanover Street, Edinburgh

My restaurant opening highlight of the year, excited to see what new menu developments 2019 brings to this Chilean / Scottish eaterie. Full review.

The Table, Edinburgh

Absolutely mind blowing birthday treat from the other half which saw us take up two of the ten seats at the most coveted table in Edinburgh. Full review.

Paul Tamburrini, Edinburgh

We were treated like kings at Paul Tamburrini in autumn, with a special four course dairy free menu. Full review.

Milk at ESW, Edinburgh

Many a lunch has been had at Milk this year – the perfect spot for catching up with friends, delicious food and cakes even I can eat.

Otro, Edinburgh

The best roast I’ve had in Edinburgh. High praise. Full review.

Big Kahuna, Edinburgh

The BK boys are making a real name for themselves with their Hawaiian inspired poke bowls. Insta friendly and delicious. Could 2019 bring a permanent space for them?

Bross, Leith Walk

And a special menu must go to Bross for the many, many bagels I’ve consumed since they opened on Leith Walk. Disclaimer: I was a fan since Porty 😉

What have your favourite meals of 2018 been?

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