the table, edinburgh, review

I turned 30 last month. I gave my boyfriend one task: get us seats at The Table. Arguably Edinburgh’s most exclusive restaurant, serving just ten covers a day, The Table is just that. Two chefs, one small kitchen and one long pass where they serve up course after course to the ten lucky diners.

My boyfriend lucked out and not only got us seats, but seats on my actual birthday. It was also our first night out together since the baby arrived in July so it was extra special.

I don’t want to dissect every course as I went to enjoy turning 30 (and I very nearly didn’t take photos, but that would be a waste of a good meal!) but I did want to share it with you.

Their menu will also now have changed into more autumnal dishes so it’s not going to ruin anyone’s surprises if you’ve already booked to go!

My favourite dishes were:

The coley in the lightest breadcrumb topping perfectly cooked and flakey fish.

The pineapple ice cream served with carbonated grapefruit which you squeezed over the ice cream and it cleverly transformed into a little bowl of Lilt ice cream!

And the bacon maple syrup cannoli to finish up what was a delightful meal!

Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for such a wonderful treat on my birthday!

The Table, Dundas Street, Edinburgh

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