browns, afternoon tea, review

There aren’t many establishments that master the art of maintaining an independent, boutique feel whilst benefitting from the consistency of a chain like Browns does.

An institution for 45 years now, I was invited* along to their birthday celebrations at George Square, Glasgow for an afternoon tea in the evening. An afternoon tea-vening, if you will.

Velvet chairs, plush leather and lacquered subway tiles create a stylish and decadent space with a hint of old school glamour that’s very inviting. Even more inviting was the champagne tasting which sadly this mama-to-be couldn’t partake in, but was interesting none-the-less to have a brief history of the champagne houses from the Moet Hennessey ambassador.

It literally blew my mind to learn that Moet is pronounced how it’s spelt – mo-et not mo-ey – because although Moet & Chandon is a French brand the Moet is a German family name and pronounced accordingly. The drinkers were also treated to Veuve Cliquot and Ruinart all of which are available to complement your afternoon tea.

To the food. Of course when I received the invite and saw ‘lobster rolls’ there was no way I was turning this opportunity down!

The afternoon tea, in traditional fashion, has a selection of sandwiches and mini rolls including the aforementioned (and delicious) lobster rolls, coronation chicken, egg mayo, cucumber & cream cheese and smoked salmon.

The stars of the show, however, and is often the case with afternoon tea, were the desserts. You’ll know I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but this baby has given me a taste for sugary treats and the cakes were absolutely delicious so I definitely overindulged!

From a traditional Victoria sponge to jam scones to possets, there’s something for everyone on the dessert menu.

This. Carrot. Cake. I took two slices home for my boyfriend who called it “phenomenal” – it was like if the world’s best carrot cake had a baby with a cheesecake.

Elderflower & gin posset with strawberry crumb. Like a little pot of creamy velvet. I may have had more than one.

This is the best afternoon tea I’ve experienced so far, with an expert pastry chef they’ve blown all of the other ones I’ve had in the past out of the water and prices start from just £14.95 per person and can be upgraded with a specially curated champagne offering designed especially for their 45th anniversary.

* I was invited along free of charge but as always all words, thoughts, opinions and probably a few grammatical errors (I wrote this at 5.30am) are entirely my own 😉

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