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You know when you love somewhere or something so much that you just don’t know how to do it justice in words?

Well, that’s what happened with Baba, which I visited over a month ago.

Five of us gathered for a friend’s birthday there on a Sunday evening for a Levantine feast.

Brought to Edinburgh by the team behind Glasgow’s Ox & Finch, Baba has quickly become a popular mezze and grill choice for discerning diners in the Capital. With an evolving menu, you’re sure not to be disappointed with returning journeys (unless one of your favourites has been cut from the menu of course!). Immersive, clever interior design transports you to the Levant with beautiful finishes and subtle lighting.

Now, I get serious FOH when ordering (fear of hunger) and have a larger appetite than perhaps the average person so I do like to order myself, I’m sure a psychologist would have some insights into my “I was an only child until I was 14 and don’t like to share my food”…! However, Baba is perfect for sharing or being selfish – whichever is your bag.

I didn’t take any notes when I was out so apologies if the descriptions of what I had are a little vague, this is going from memory (and baby brain is a very real affliction) but it’s too good not to share.

Beiruti Burrata

If there’s burrata on a menu, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m gonna order it. And this one did not disappoint. Fresh, creamy, indulgent, I could go on…

Hand dived scallops

Never have I been so grateful to be dining with a hungover friend. She made the rogue decision to go for fish on a severe hangover so I got to share these with her and boy was I grateful. Cooked to perfection with the perfect accompaniment of homemade tzatziki.

Goosnargh chicken leg

This was divine. All the best bits of Middle Eastern cuisine on one plate – expertly cooked chicken leg, harissa hummus, pickled cabbage and pomegranate.

Cauliflower fritters

These are going down in my little black food book as one of the most delicious and memorable things I’ve ever eaten, along with the baked sweet potato which I was so eager to tuck into that I forgot to take a photo. Zhug is a revelation – a Middle Eastern take on a salsa verde or pesto – a bright, fresh green blend of herbs and spices primarily coriander, parsley, chillis.

The aforementioned baked sweet potato was also a highlight but unfortunately none of us took any photos of it to show you!

A feast for all the senses, Baba is undoubtedly going to be a favourite of many in Edinburgh. Whilst I try to go to as many new places as I can, I’m definitely going to be revisiting Baba in the near future. If only to satisfy my cauliflower fritter cravings which have been set off again by writing this review.

As always, great service deserves a mention – knowledgeable and passionate staff can make all the difference and we were pleased to find them just so when we visited.

Baba, 130 George Street, Edinburgh

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