bross bagels, edinburgh, review

Anyone who knows me from Brighton knows how deep my love for Bagelman runs. Bagels have sustained me through lunches at university, weekend breakfasts and many, many a hangover.

I was therefore delighted to hear that a Montreal-style bagel shop was opening in Portobello and headed down there as quick I could after seeing everyone’s hunger-inducing pictures of the bagels from Bross.

Located on Porty’s cute high street, Bross is a super slick little shop that looks like it could belong in Brooklyn – exposed OSB wood, slate grey, Edison lightbulbs, home branded merch, mid-century seating and a neon sign over the counter make this the stuff of design junkies’ dreams. The branding is perfection and all of their packaging is compostable. Mama Bross has literally thought of everything.

The bagels are marketed as Montreal style with NYC inspired fillings – with classics such as pastrami, salt beef and lox this is certainly true. All bagels (wholemeal, sesame, poppy, plain, cinnamon & raisin, pumpernickel and “everything” if you were wondering) are 100% organic and they offer up vegetarian and vegan options.

The chicken, salami, cheese and honey mustard bagel I chose was everything I hoped it would be – lightly toasted bagel, generous filling and creamy sauce (I’m annoyed with myself that I can’t remember the “official” name for this combo.) Whilst my boyfriend went for the pastrami one from the menu (again, apologies I can’t remember what its name was). The pastrami was the closest thing I’ve seen in Scotland to New York pastrami. We also got little ‘slaw pots on the side which were amazing.

I think this little bagel shop is going to be a favourite for many and I’m already looking forward to my next visit. Move over Bagelman, I’ve got a new best bagel friend.

Not only is it dog friendly, but they’re also don’t-walk-out-with-seeds-in-your-teeth friendly with this ingenious “seed checker” mirror 🙌🏼

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