eat food, wear food

One of my favourite birthday presents last year was this beaut… 

Aside from the few people (males) who are scared of commenting on the fact that I have avos in lieu of boobs, I actually get a lot of compliments from fellow food-apparel lovers. I’ve therefore done the hard work for you by rounding up my favourites for you. 

Lazy Oaf, sale £50

This loose fitting jumper speaks to both my Foodie side and my inner 14 year old wannabe goth when all I really wanted was a Nirvana hoodie. 

Boohoo, sale £7.00

If I was ever to be immortalised in a jumper this would be me (unless there is one that says sorry for always being hangry). I’m always in the mood for food and now you can be too. 

ASOS, sale £17.50

I’ve obviously got a thing for covering up boobs with foods. 

Nasty Gal, £15.00

You’re one in a melon and don’t ever forget it. 

Etsy, £12.71

Or maybe you wanna be just like me? Except this shirt is vegan and I’m not. 

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