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Living in the west of Edinburgh, I need a good excuse to head all the way over to Leith (despite it being one of my favourite areas of Edinburgh). I was naturally pleased then when The Salvation of Leith got in touch to ask me to come down to review their menu*.

The team behind Jeremiah’s Taproom and The Empress of Broughton Street recently opened the newly refurbished Salvation of Leith which comes with a lovely story about the name and history of the building.

Before attending, I headed, as always, to the interweb to see what would be awaiting us at the other end of the City. The reviews that I saw weren’t terribly flattering and were quite mixed so we went with low expectations but with a hopeful, open attitude.

The bar was pretty quiet but the weather had been mixed all day so I would imagine it would have been much busier if the sun had been shining all day given its prime position on the Shore.

After all being welcomed (including Stanley who was instantly brought a bowl of water and some treats) we took a thorough look through the menu. Primarily, they offer burgers with a variety of complementary other dishes.

We decided to go for two of the small plates as starters and two mains each. The menu is quite carb-heavy so go hungry!

Slumdog Millionaire

Herby (chicken, pork and coriander from memory) sausage in a bun with curry sauce and crispy onions. We both really enjoyed this, the sausage was tasty, the onions indeed crispy and the curry sauce was thick and creamy.

Pulled pork tacos

A little cheddar top heavy, the pulled pork was tender and delicious with all the toppings you’d hope for in a taco. Messy to eat and the tacos were soft – always a good sign for me.

The Salvation Burger

Burger, bacon, cheese, haggis fritters, lettuce, beef tomato and homemade burger sauce.

This was a mammoth burger and no way, as much as I would have loved to try, that I could get my smackers around it so I dismantled it and shared the fritters with my boyfriend. They were everything you’d want in some crispy deep fried haggis. The burger was cooked perfectly – lightly charred on the outside with a little pink on the inside (and a sign of good meat) with charred bacon and gooey melted cheese. The bun held the burger well and the *sound the trumpets* the burger had been drained before sitting on the bun so it wasn’t a sloppy mess… can you tell it’s one of my biggest bug bears?! The burger sauce comes on the side which was grateful for as it was too gherkiny/sharp for me.

Stack of ribs

When a rack of ribs is just too predictable, stack ’em up. These were tender, sticky with a hint of sweetness. My boyfriend said these were better than the ones he had at Hard Rock Cafe and the ends had been trimmed properly so you could eat them with a modicum of decorum. He did say, however, that the coleslaw felt shop bought and needed to be improved.

Sweet potato fries

These were recommended by Ash, our waitress for the evening and they didn’t disappoint – crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and totally moreish. We had to ask for them to have them taken away so we’d stop eating them when we were totally stuffed.

The “salvation” of Leith is a bold claim but on this occasion it might just be… If they can continue to serve good quality food just as they did on the evening we went, they will be on to a winner. And to the person who didn’t like their menu cos it was “just burgers” obviously wasn’t reading the menu properly.

A special mention needs to be made for the staff – we were served by Ash all evening and she was great.

💛 the wee food blogger 

*I was invited down to try out their menu but as ever every single word on this page is written by me and every opinion my own.



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