street food awards, edinburgh

You might remember a few months back we headed down to The Pitt with Stanley in tow. Missed the post? You can read it here.

I was excited then to hear that the Scottish Street Food Awards would be taking place down on Pitt Street. Arranged over three days, popular food vans took part on Friday or Saturday with the best going through to the final on Sunday.

Seeing the progress over Friday and Saturday was gearing me up for a big feast on Sunday.

The finalists were:

Umami Spice Girl

Buffalo Truck


Crema Caravan



Cheesy Toast Shack

We had planned to eat our way around the vans then place our bets but sunshine + beers + good company = before you know it time to vote! Luckily we had sampled some real treats and were well placed to place our votes.

T O P  P I C K S


Loved them last time, loved them again, will love them forever. Big juicy tempura prawns in a soft bun with samphire, bacon and pickles? Sign me up! They were busting their asses all day serving folks – and all with smiles on their faces! Follow them here. Next time I’ll be trying their fish tacos.

Cheesy Toast Shack

Macaroni cheese toastie: game changer. This lil beauty also had delicious Scottish black pudding. Excellent customer service and chat too. Follow them here. Next time I’ll be trying the lobster and mac.

Umami Spice Girl

Light, fresh, well cooked tacos? When done well tacos are always a winner. This girl knows her spices. Let’s call her Favourite Spice. Follow them here. Next time I’ll be trying black tacos.

Shrimpwreck won the people’s choice whilst Buffalo Food Truck won critics choice. Shrimpwreck were well deserving winners and I can’t wait to see what comes from this. They’ll be representing Scotland at the British Street Food Awards – good luck guys!

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