whole30, round two, week three 

 W E E K  T H R E E 

The end is in sight! Just over a week to go and I will have completed my second round of Whole30. 

I mentioned last week in my update that it’s been a lot easier second time around and that is still true. I did however totally underprepare for a day out and I had to have a non-compliant dinner. I’m not going to sit here and write excuses to you, it was my fault for not preparing and I ate a prawn sandwich (quelle horreure!). Whole30 prisoner rules states that you need to start from Day 1 again. I’m not going to do that, but I will add an extra day onto the end of my stint to make up for it. 

I’ve still been trying to be imaginative and adventurous with my meals, whilst also trying to cook one meal for myself and my boyfriend who is not on Whole30.

I’ve been going to the gym; let it be said that I am not an exerciser! But I’ve been trying to get into a rhythm with making time for it. I figure half an hour of exercise is better than none at all and if I want to keep eating the way I do in the long run, it needs to be counter balanced with some exercise. I’m almost, almost, starting to enjoy it. I’ve been taking photos of my results on each machine at the end of the session to try to at least match or even beat it the next time I go. 

I’ve also been trying to make better choices in portion control. I’m trying not to convince myself that just because it’s Whole30 approved that I can have as much as I want. Will power against gluttony is one of my biggest downfalls. Therefore when I’ve been making my meals – whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner – I think about what I’m having and how much I’d have then take one thing away. Coco Chanel once said that about accessorising so I’m applying it to my diet. 

My new favourite thing is my boiled egg timer which I won in a raffle recently – it makes the perfect boiled egg. Needless to say I’ve had quite a few eggs this week! 

This week I’m in London for work and I’m adamant that I’m going to stick to Whole30 (my only concern is how much this is going to cost!) while I’m here. I know that pre-prepared salads in supermarkets are not typically compliant – they often have starch and/or sugar in them so I’ve packed my own little bottle of homemade pesto so worst comes to worst I can have a plain salad and throw a bit of pesto on it. To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail and all that (Benjamin Franklin said that). 

This will be my last update until I finish – only 9 more days to go! And I’ve booked a special meal at the new Le Roi Fou for when I finish as a treat – last time I ate everything when I finished and undid all my hard work quite quickly so this time I’m going to treat myself to one really amazing meal and keep tying to stay healthy and reap the benefits all the more. 

💛 the wee food blogger

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