whole30, round two, week two 

I’ve survived my second week (and weekend) of Whole30 🙌🏼

W E E K  T W O

It’s really been a lot easier this time around – I’ve learned that preparation is key and I don’t resent the loss of all my favourite food groups (cheese, cheese and cheese). 

I am LOVING samphire – sautéed in a little salt and lemon juice it’s delicious. Friday night fish and chips at Granny May’s house was foregone for some baked haddock and dry boiled tatties. That’s probably my low point of this week but it’s all for a good cause.

The weekend saw me cooking up batches of food to keep me going – this is a curried butternut squash soup with shredded chicken.

I was going out on Saturday night so I made sure I cooked my breakfast for Sunday before I went out! Whilst this seemed comical to everyone else I was so grateful for it on Sunday morning … or afternoon (!) and I was glad to wake up to a big breakfast hash waiting for me! 


Dinner out doesn’t need to be avoided – just research where you’re going before you go so that you’re not tempted to give in and order a big fat burger for the sake of an easy life. 

Salads are my friend! Avocados are thankfully in season and I like trying to think up different things to knock up at lunchtime. Balsamic vinegar with a touch of homemade pesto mixed into it is the one. 

I’m still obsessed with cauliflower and sitting some curry on top of roasted florets is a good substitute for rice. 

I still haven’t noticed an increase in energy levels but I have lost weight – I’ll keep the details for when I finish – and I can feel it in myself. 

I’m hoping now I’ve been sugar and dairy free for over two weeks now that my energy levels will catch up with me! 

That’s pretty much it for week two – just happily plodding along 🙂 and I’ve decided instead of making a list of everything I’m going to eat when I finish, I’m going to treat myself to one really expensive, quality meal so I don’t undo all my hard work in one day!  

‘Til next time… 

💛 the wee food blogger

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