the bridge inn at ratho, edinburgh, review

On my quest to find a Sunday roast establishment that lives up to the high standards you get south of the border, I was recommended the Bridge Inn in Ratho.

Promising location, set on the canal at Ratho, a small quaint suburb of Edinburgh, we set off on Sunday to fill our bellies then walk it off along the canal.

They allow dogs in the bar but don’t take bookings for this area, so it’s a first come first serve basis. We planned to head there around one to try our luck.

There wasn’t a table suitable for our party when we arrived so we took the sofas to have a drink while we waited for a table to free up. Three tables changed patrons while we were waiting without the staff letting us know that the tables were coming up (the room is split in two so we couldn’t see when people were leaving). After a chat with the staff, we asked if they could let us know when they clear the table so we could order some food. The service, so far, had been absolutely abysmal, they literally couldn’t have given a shit if we’d turned round and headed to the five pound carvery down the road.

By the time we’d gotten a table and ordered, over an hour had passed. They only offer one roast in addition to their normal menu, this in itself is disappointing and the roast of the day was chicken.

I opted for trio of pork belly served with carrots and black pudding. When I asked the staff if there were any carb accompaniments I was told no and that the dish was ‘ample’. I would certainly hope so at £18 but I ordered some hand cut chips (£4) just to be on the safe side (#fearofhunger).

Our friends, who had ordered after us, got their food first. We were told ours would be another 2-3 minutes by the waitress. It was literally another 15-20 minutes before our food turned up, by which time our dining partners had finished their meals.

The meals, when they’d finally arrived, looked impressive and we appreciated that despite them clearly being very busy that they hadn’t just thrown the food on the plate.

Trio of Pork – smoked bacon rolled loin, braised picked and pressed collar, black pudding, honeyed carrots, jus

I’m not sure what is ‘ample’ about this plate, with no carbohydrate element, three baby carrots, three tiny cubes of black pudding and a stick of crackling. I was grateful I’d asked for chips but at £22 for this plus some chips is excessive even by my standards.

The pork was cooked nicely – not dry. The black pudding was crispy, the pulled pork was really tasty and seasoned well and the accompanying apple purée worked well with the dish. The chips were average and needed another fry to get nice and crispy: they were a bit soggy. The jus was not to my taste so I left it off my plate (I was glad it had come in a jug). The crackling was excellent.

Roast chicken – served with carrots, parsnips, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and gravy

I am informed that the roast was really good, with two of our party trying it. At £14.95 it was reasonably priced but would have benefitted from another vegetable element.

Their pie of the day, which was tried by the fourth member of our group (sorry, forgot a photo) was chicken, leek and bacon and was ‘spot on’.

The food was certainly good but I won’t be returning which is such a shame. Had the service been of a good standard, we would have had a very different experience. I do not, however, want to eat (very expensive) food in an establishment where you’re not made to feel welcome.

The service meant we left with a sour taste in our mouths instead of appreciating the lovely food the chefs worked hard over in a hot, busy kitchen.

💛 the wee food blogger 

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