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Soooo it’s a little (a lot) overdue but here is my first officially Scottish post. Between January blues, post Christmas slump, starting a new job and the amazing growth of Edinburgh Girl it’s been a little hectic round here…

George Street is host to many restaurants, bars and pubs but one that always stood out to me was Cafe Andaluz.

They offer Andalusian-Spanish tapas in a cosy and vibrant setting and their lunch deal is very reasonable with three dishes of your choice for £12.95.

Between three of us, we went for a good selection: calamari, chorizo, chorizo with black pudding, lamb croquette, chicken fillets, asparagus and potato gratin.

‘Pollo Rebezado Con Miel’ (top) 

The highlights were definitely the chicken fillets – tender chicken in a light crispy batter and drizzled with a honey and mustard dressing. They’re definitely missing a trick though – the lemon and chorizo mayonnaise that accompanies the calamari goes perfectly with these!


The calamari was decent – I’ve had better and I’ve had worse. The cooking of the rings was fine but I think the quality of them could be improved upon slightly. For the value, though, they were about right.

‘Bomba Picante’ (bottom) 

Moroccan spiced lamb in potato, crumbed and fried with a mint chilli dip. The croquette itself was nice – the spice was a bit too delicate and was lost a little.

‘Esparragos a La Parrilla’ 

Asparagus topped with lemon hollandaise and manchego cheese. The asparagus was really overcooked which was such a shame because the combination of that with the manchego and lemon hollandaise is really delicious. The acidity of the lemon in the hollandaise cuts through the cheese and makes a really tasty alternative to regular hollandaise.

‘Patatas Gratinadas’

Creamy, cheesy, potato-y heaven. This beaut is sliced potatoes with garlic cream and mozzarella. Insert heart eyes here. Could do with a touch more seasoning.

‘Chorizo Y Butifarra Negra’ (top) and ‘Chorizo al Vino’ (bottom) 

Cafe Andaluz’s chorizo is another highlight of the meal – with or without black pudding. It’s actually some of the best I’ve had from a restaurant as it was soft, perfectly cooked and really tasty. Too often I’ve had hard as nails chorizo from ‘authentic’ tapas restaurants. Note: chorizo and black pudding goes so well. I mopped up all the sauce afterwards too.

Now, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that I NEVER order dessert. The only sweet thing that’s made it to was the amazing cake from Lawley’s Bakery. My little sister, who was one of my dining partners, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of me so she had this caramel cheesecake and loved every morsel. I had one mouthful but it was wayyyy to sweet for me.

The setting is very lovely, I don’t know much about Andalusia or its culture but it has a Moroccan vibe to me.

Cafe Andaluz serves up good value tapas, with an authentic feel to it. The staff were really attentive (verging on too attentive but it was a really busy day and they were obviously trying to turn tables round as quickly as they could). We all left feeling satiated which, for £12.95, is always a good thing. The criticisms in here are pretty minor so I would definitely recommend Cafe Andaluz to shoppers looking for a hearty lunch that won’t break the bank.

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