christmas gift guide for foodies

What to buy for foodies – no matter what your budget. 

If you’re reading this, you either know a foodie or you are one – and this is the perfect list for inspiration or to send to loved ones for a ‘gentle nudge’ of what to buy this Christmas.


The obvious for any food lover – cookbooks. Here are my top picks this Christmas (from left to right):

Cookery Books.jpgMonica Galetti ‘The Skills’ – Amazon – £13.60

Not only does this have recipes, but Monica is also on a mission to teach us how to be professionals in our own kitchens. This is numero uno on my Christmas list.

Julia Child ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking volumes 1 & 2’ – Amazon – £25.22

I actually already have this one but highly recommend to everyone, firstly, watch the DVD recommended below then read this cookbook. Lots of classics and how to do errrrrything.

Gizzi Erskine’s ‘Season’s Eatings’ – Amazon – £17.00

Chef and food writer Gizzi is back this Christmas with her Season’s Eatings book, this book will get you through not only Christmas but also New Year, Halloween and other seasonal events with aplomb in the kitchen.


Magimix Le Patissier – Lakeland – £519

The HOLY GRAIL. Basically unless your parents are redonk rich or your significant other works in Wall Street the likelihood of this being delivered down your chimney is slim but hey, we can dream. The Magimix Le Patissier does everything pretty much bar wash and put itself away. You might, just might, be lucky enough to know someone who can afford this.  If you do, there is an offer on at the moment where if you buy this model between 1st November and 31st December 2016 and Lakeland will include a leaflet detailing this Magimix promotion – register online to receive your free Le Creuset springform cake tin, recipe book by Jane Hornby and a Gravity Cake Kit.

Pasta maker – Domu – £29.99

You really love the person you’re buying this for but you can’t quite afford the Magimix food processor just yet. All foodies love a gadget and whilst some might be traditionalists and not want to go for the super high-tech ‘cheat’ items you can get today, you can’t go wrong with a fairly traditional pasta maker. It’s surprisingly easy to use and so rewarding when you see the results of your labour. This one is great value and comes with various add-ons.


I’ve spent many an hour sitting sifting through the homeware departments of shops and websites. (Embarrassingly, it used to be a hobby of mine when I was younger deciding what I would have in my kitchen when I was a grown up!)Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 19.52.53.png

Blot Dinner Set – Habitat – £95.00

This 12 piece dinner set is simple but elegant and would make for lovely food photographs.Homeware.jpgGold cutlery – House Outfit – £27.00

Long gone are the days when you had to wait to get married to get a nice set of cutlery – different colours are making a resurgence and I just love this gold set from House Outfit (who also have loads of other lovely homeware items that I am currently lusting over). The cutlery sets come in gold, rose gold and a very sleek black.

Measuring spoons – £20.00 Anthropologie

Ditto the above – these measuring spoons are the perfect props for photos and super useful.

Oven Mitt set – Anthropologie – £14.00

We’re probably the only people, other than your Granny, who will get excited about getting an oven mitt for Christmas. You could actually buy us just about anything from Anthropologie and we would be as happy as Larry.

spice tray.jpg


Spice Tin – Spice Kitchen UK on Etsy  £29.99

This spice tray comes complete with 10 Moroccan spices – ras el hanout, baharat, bay leaves, sesame seeds, cinnamon sticks, chilli powder, cumin seeds, paprika, ginger powder and turmeric.  The perfect gift for curry lovers as well as an accompaniment to the following gift…

tagine.jpgTagine – Debenhams £28.00

This sleek looking tagine is perfect for a stylish monochrome kitchen. It’s also very reasonably priced.

Le Creuset.jpg

Signature casserole dish – Le Creuset £99.00 

Again, a girl can dream but it’s nice to think that one day I might be able to treat myself to one of these! If you are in the market for the world’s classiest casserole dish, this one is actually reduced (normally £140.00) at the moment so it might be a good time to buy!

Novelty Items

Always a winner with any foodie. Anything that describes how hungry I am always has my vote. Urban Outfitters’ home department has a great selection of affordable novelty items so you’re sure to find something just right for the foodie in your life. Here are my favourites this year:

Novelty Items.jpg

We all know that one person who can’t eat anything without dousing it in hot sauce. This Sriracha-To-Go is the perfect gift for them – fill ’em up and attach to your keys. Douse in hot sauce to your heart’s content – £8.00 Urban Outfitters

Some people might be inclined to work out cos, well, actually I don’t know, cos I’m lazy AF. However, if I was going to pretend to work out, this water bottle is me to a T. After this we’re getting pizza water bottle – £18.00 Urban Outfitters

JUST LOOK AT THEIR WEE FACES. Guinea Pig Salt and Pepper Shakers – £25.00 Urban Outfitters


Julie & Julia – Amazon – £2.86
This is the story of food blogger Julie who took it upon herself to re-create all of Julia Child’s recipes from her Mastering the Art of French Cooking (see above) in one year. It’s a heart warming (and appetite whetting) tale of two women in different decades with the same love of food. I cried. Also, Meryl Streep. 

What else is on your Christmas list this year? Let me know in the comments!

the wee food blogger 💛

Disclaimer: All prices correct as at 19 November 2016. This post is not affiliated with any of the sites, all opinions and descriptions are my own. All items may be able to be purchased on other sites at different prices. Delivery charges may apply on items. This post serves as only a guide. 

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