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I’ve been hearing good things about Baked on Church Road so headed down on a sunny day to try it out for myself.

Baked is always busy. I walk past it on a regular basis and there are always people inside and out come rain or shine. The interior is light, bright and fresh. One of their chalkboards lists where all of their local ingredients and suppliers come from – a feature a lot of cafes seem to be adopting these days. There is seating upstairs, outside and downstairs so it’s a good choice if you want to guarantee not having to wait for a table on a busy weekend at brunch time.

I’m in the process of writing a post for Brighton Girl for the top breakfast and brunch spots in Brighton & Hove and I was on the hunt for the best eggs and avocado on toast dish in the city.

I ordered poached eggs, chorizo and avocado on toasted sourdough and the boyfriend went for the house breakfast. Keep reading to see what we thought…

Avocado, chorizo, poached eggs £7.50

It was a really good dish, with two runny poached eggs, nice toast and fresh avocados. The chorizo was really good with a little hint of spice. The poached eggs were a little watery which was a bit of a let down. I got order-regret when I saw my boyfriend’s house breakfast. However, the portion was quite generous and, overall, tasty.

 House Breakfast £9.00 – breakfast sausage, bacon, 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, beans, corn fritter, grilled tomato, granary toast

The Brighton Sausage Company’s sausage was big, meaty and flavoursome, the bacon was a touch on the dry side but tasty nevertheless. I tried a little of the mushrooms and tomato both of which were nice. The beans aren’t homemade (unlike V&H’s) and the poached eggs were also a bit on the watery side. The homemade corn fritter, however, was really nice. I really enjoyed it so the boyfriend kindly gave me half! The granary toast from Coburn & Baker was really nice. I need to keep an eye out for their products!

The service was excellent all round, everyone we dealt with was really friendly and they all seemed very happy despite the fact it was really busy, really hot and they were stuck inside serving people! 

The cafe, upstairs, is dog friendly and they are very accommodating. They very kindly provide treats (from Snaffles) for their canine customers (Stanley was LOVING them) and when I asked for a ‘wee saucer of water’ for him the waitress very kindly brought him a massive water bowl. He was spreadeagled on the floor with it being such a hot day and the waiters and waitresses didn’t once make an issue of him being in their way. I think that customers will go back for the service. The food is really good but not quite the best. I think their speciality lies with cakes, all of which looked really good – maybe another day!

For two coffees and two breakfasts it came to £21.30 so it is the top end of price range. I would recommend it but they just need to iron out those few little details for it to be up there with Joe’s and V&H

Have you got a breakfast favourite? Would love to hear your recommendations!

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