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To date, I’ve not really had very successful burger delivery experiences. Remember Coggings & Co and Lumberjacks? I once had a pretty good one from Smoque but not good enough to go back for more.

I’d decided that cooking a burger and fries then sticking it on the back of a moped or pushbike is just not a good idea. That said, I’m a glutton for punishment and being ever the optimist, we ordered a takeaway burger from the kitchen of the Western Front to be delivered by Deliveroo.

There is very little information on who Iceberger are or where they came from so I can’t really tell you anything about that.

The food took over the allocated 60 minutes that was the guidance time which wasn’t a great start and we were starving by the time the Deliveroo guy turned up with our wares. The next thing was the packaging. Nasty, cheap, polystyrene kebab boxes. Just no. For a start, they don’t retain heat and secondly, they make your food sweat. Take note.

We ordered a burger each, I went for the Holy Guac and my boyfriend went for the Meat Mill. Both are very good value at £8.00 and £7.00 respectively. We shared some fries (£3.00) and Buffalo Wings (£6.00). 

The first thing I did was turn my burger over to check for a Mary Berry (soggy bottom). I cannot abide an undrained burger which seeps into the bun. No soggy bottom. 

Excellent start. I must admit at this stage I was irritable from the wait for the burger and the lack of insulation on our food. I have now learned to never judge a book burger by its cover. The patty was firm, well cooked and pink in the middle. It wasn’t greasy or oily and the meat is evidently of good quality. Mine also came with tasty charcoal cheddar, bacon, guacamole, tomato, lettuce, mustard mayo and ketchup.

The fries were pretty good, they’ve been dusted in some kind of coating which makes them tastier than the average french fry.

The buffalo wings were good, the sauce packed a bit of punch but not too much. It was supposed to have a blue cheese sauce but ours was missing.

My boyfriend confirmed his Meat Mill burger was also a good choice.

It was a solid delivery burger, which was flavoursome and good value.

However, everything was only hot for about 30 seconds after it arrived as the naff kebab boxes were just in the Deliveroo box and didn’t have anything else to keep the heat in. I worked out it should take someone no more than 4 minutes on a bike from Western Front to our flat – it’s a straight road, with no traffic lights, so lukewarm food is not justified.

If they work on their presentation and food heating skills, they’ll be on to a winner!

the wee food blogger 💛

Iceberger, Western Front, Cranbourne Street, Brighton

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