a change of scenery

So, we have some news which I am equally part sad, excited and nervous about. We are officially making like Jon Snow and going north. To Scotland.

Yup, me and my boys are migrating to my motherland and leaving the the place I’ve called home for 9 years.

The decision to move back home didn’t come lightly but seemed to be our only option with the way the housing market in Brighton is going.

We are, therefore, moving initially to the Scottish Borders to save some pennies (to live with Granny May, god help her!) then the plan is to move up to Edinburgh in a few months.

So the blog will be taking a slightly different direction, by extension, for a little while whilst we find our feet (and jobs!) to begin with and also there aren’t exactly loads of restaurants to be reviewing in the area…! Hopefully there will still be lots of recipe and trip based blog posts to begin with.

We’re looking forward to exploring Edinburgh in time and the blog will no doubt come fully back to life when we get up there.

It’s also an exciting time for Brighton Girl, which will become the City Girl Network and I will be the first fully fledged member of ‘Edinburgh Girl’ so for those of you already north of the border, keep your eyes peeled for more information on that! The Brighton Girl group has been a invaluable to be involved in and I know I’ve made friends for life, so I will be sad to leave. ย You can find out more about Brighton Girl here.

For now, I’m eating my way through Brighton – all the restaurants and cafes I’ve always meant to go to and all of those I have to eat in again before I go and spending as much time with our friends and family as I can. I’ve got a massive hit list! I will no doubt be back down all the time, I can’t imagine being away for long!

I will, I’m sure, have a list as long as my arm of places to try in Scotland by the time I get up there and I’m really excited to explore my homeland with my boyfriend and Stanley (praying he acclimatises to the cold weather quickly!) and use this opportunity to steal all of Granny May’s baking secrets!

Thank you to you all for being with me over the last 7 months since the inception of my ‘wee’ blog. Here’s hoping there will be many more months! Feeling a bit emosh writing this…

๐Ÿ’› the wee food blogger, for now x


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