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After spending the morning up the Empire State Building, walking around in 30 degree heat, we’d worked up a good appetite.

It’s kinda our thing to have a McDonald’s everywhere we go, which is borne out of always being skint everytime we go on holiday.  And we were both curious to find out if they differed from the British version.

The nuggets were better, the fries were the same, the burger was better but they only have ‘orange soda’ not Fanta and I loooove McDonald’s Fanta. Also they have a triple burger as standard – win.

In the afternoon, we escaped the heat in MoMA – the Museum of Modern Art. When we left it tipped down with rain so we sat under some scaffolding for an hour and watched the world rush by.

I had pre-booked dinner at John’s of 12th Street as we both love the Sopranos and Tony ate there. It’s also famous for allegedly being the last supper restaurant of a New York gangster called Umberto Valenti, before a fatal shoot out outside.

It’s old school Italian at its best, pressed white linen and napkins, waiters in white shirts and bow ties. They’re all New York Italians and have the recognisable drawl.

It’s been an establishment since 1908 and feels like not much has been touched since; the menu included.

The reviews are mixed so I wasn’t hoping hoping for much, but was very pleasantly surprised.

We ordered the burrata special for our appetizer, to share. A bit gooey ball of buffalo mozzarella with a creamy centre, fresh tomato with basil oil and fresh basil.

For my main, I had the John’s Special Chicken a la Rosa and a side of spaghetti with garlic oil (specifically requested as I wanted a heap of garlic). Butterflies chicken breasts in their famous red sauce with sautéed mushrooms, peppers, spring onions and artichokes. The spaghetti was every bit as garlicky as I hoped for and the main was delicious. I ate every last morsel on the plate.

After dinner, we headed up to Times Square to take in the bright lights of the big city.

Day 3 = another success 

McDonald’s, almost every block in New York!

John’s of 12th Street, 302 East 12th Street

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