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Yesterday, 13 September 2016, I turned the ripe old age of 28. I used that excuse to drag my boyfriend around Sex and the City locations and eat everything I wanted to.

For lunch, we headed to Best Bagel, on the recommendation of a friend. It’s tucked away in the Garment District and was super busy which is always a good sign.

I opted for a New Yorker – breaded chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella, roasted peppers, lettuce, tomato and garlic mayo.

It was maaaaassssive and delicious.

After scouting out some more SATC locations, we headed for dinner in the Chelsea Market at Cull & Pistol.

First of all, Chelsea Market is so cool. Cull and Pistol is a seafood eatery which is pretty laid back. Their website claims that they pay homage to fishmonger traditions whilst honouring the cultural diversity of New York.

Learning from previous experiences that we can’t cope with American starters and mains together, we ordered two snack as our starters plus our main courses.

I was seriously tempted to steal that little fish fork.

Baked mussels $4.00 – mussels baked with garlic, lemon, herbs, butter and breadcrumbs

Pistols on Horseback $6.00 – Chesapeake oysters fried, jamon serrano, herb crepes, pickled onion, smoked aioli

Connecticut Style Lobster Roll $27.00 – warmed in lobster butter and lemon with kewpie mayonnaise with new bay fries

Everything we are was amazing. The fish is fresh, from the Lobster Place next door, the service was impeccable and the setting is super cool. The Pistols on Horseback were definitely the highlight for both of us!

An amazing end to an amazing birthday. 29 is going to have a tough act to follow!

Best Bagel, 225 W 35th Street

Cull & Pistol, Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Acenue


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