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The Flour Pot bakery has been making waves through Brighton & Hove with their speedy expansion ensuring that every corner of our City is catered for locally.

I used to live on Sydney Street and was a regular at their flagship cafe down there when they first opened.

They have a strong following on Instagram and with their lush interiors, instagrammable coffee art and tasty food offerings it’s not hard to see why. I personally avidly follow them on Instagram and I was over the moon to find out that they are soon opening up in Hove on First Avenue, hopefully on Friday 5th August.

I’m the first to admit that I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so their sumptuous looking cakes and doughnuts (on Fridays) don’t always cut the mustard with me. Then they started #pizzawednesdays. This is something I can get behind [read: get in my face].

I found myself in town last Wednesday so jumped at the chance to pop into Sydney Street to pick up some pizza dough balls.

Priced at £1.30 each, these sourdough pizza bases are very reasonable and only a little more expensive than buying a ready made one from the supermarket which always somehow end up dry and soggy at the same time. I went for two so me and my boyfriend could have one pizza each. I’m not a share-a-pizza kinda gal.

They come in little plastic pots (which I washed and kept for future use, they are really handy) with easy to read and easy to follow instructions.

First up, pre-heat the oven at its maximum temperature. I set my fan oven to 240 degrees.

They recommend ‘massaging’ the dough first of all to stretch it naturally without pulling it. Once you’ve eased it a bit you can then either be brave and turning and throwing it or if you’re not quite so brave you can use a rolling pin. You’re not going to make a pizzaiolo out of me anytime soon, I half attempted to ‘throw’ the dough a little but chickened out and got the trusty rolling pin out.

I made mine a slightly off-circular shape so I could fit two comfortably on my large grill tray. Once you’ve shaped them and are happy with them you can either place on a pre-heated baking stone or a flour dusted tray (or you could use their silicone paper as suggested by Flour Pot).

Now comes the fun bit: the toppings. Naturally, you can add whatever tickles your fancy. I went for a classic of salami, mozzarella, plum tomatoes with basil. I used passata as the base and chopped up some fresh basil leaves into the sauce. I then added salami slices and grated mozzarella (I went for stringy plastic cheese but it would also have been delicious with fresh mozzarella) and topped with fresh plum tomatoes and some fresh basil leaves.

Pop the tray / stone in the oven and bake until the bottom is hard enough. Our two pizzas took about 9 minutes roughly. I just kept a close eye on the oven and tested the bottom when I brought them out.

I’m clearly not the cleanest of pizza makers. This was the state of poor Stanley and my feet by the time I was done.

And voilà! The finished result – two delicious pizzas!

I worked out that in total these two bad boys cost around £5.95 and could rival any of the local pizza shops anyday!

You can follow them on Instagram here to keep up to date with their news or view their website here.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you’ve got any tips for me, let me know in the comments!

💛 the wee food blogger 

Side note: I also treated myself to a ham and cheese croque Monsieur whilst there and it was 👌🏼


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  1. Looove Flour Pot – as a sweet-toothed girl I can definitely vouch for their doughnuts! Must try their pizza dough, mine is either amazing or a bit crap haha!

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