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As you have no doubt realised, I’m a big fan of the Polygon pop ups based up on the Ribot terrace on the seven dials roundabout.

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For my third visit, the guest kitchen was Plateau for wine, beats and bites. Plateau are a restaurant in the centre of Brighton who pride themselves on sourcing good quality wines and creating dishes in a relaxed environment. They also create their own playlists each month.

Their menu for the evening, to pick and choose as many or as little as you liked.  They were Levantine inspired dishes and all very reasonably priced at £6.

We opted for the lamb, pigs head, heritage tomato and smoked artichokes.

Heritage tomatoes, labneh, broad beans and zaatar

Fresh heritage tomatoes, with fresh split broad beans in a zaatar and herb mix on a bed of labneh. This was really refreshing, the perfect starter dish. I’ve never had broad beans that were so tasty, I’ve always found them really bland and not adding anything to a plate but these were lovely and the spice / herb mix was amazing. Labneh was a whole new experience. Labneh is a strained yoghurt which has a slightly tart edge to it – think soured cream yoghurt with a hint of citrus tartness.

Smoked artichokes, barkham blue, ssamjang 

These were amazing. I’m not sure how many adjectives I can think of to describe what these tasted like, the closest I can get it to think of the world’s most tasty potato on acid. I don’t actually like blue cheese but it was creamed and delicately flavoured and paired really well with the artichokes. The ssamjang sauce was similar to a sriracha – good bit of kick and balanced out the creamy cheese and smokey artichokes.

Pig’s head, kimchi, ink and pickled cucumber

This was tender pig’s head meat, delicately laced with spices and chilli in a croquette style coating and fried. Served with kimchi, squid ink and pickled cucumber. The kimchi was fiery with a sharp edge and the pickled cucumber was, despite only being a garnish, a highlight of the plate. My dining partner and I were both dubious of the ink, taking a little time to pluck up the courage to try it! On its own, it was too much for both of us. However, with the crispy coating of the pig’s head, it complemented the dish really well and you lost the taste of the sea and only got the salt from it. We did leave about 80% of it after we’d demolished everything else, however. This dish was lovely but sadly there was a piece of plastic in the croquette, which, when pointed out, wasn’t apologised for quite as much as it should have been. It was quite a big bit of plastic and who knows what on earth it was doing there.

Lamb offal, flat bread, aubergine, dukkah, pomegranate seeds 

This was my favourite dish. Two different cuts of offal, one of which was coated with the dukkah rub (think slightly spiced seeds) with smokey aubergine purée and a flat bread, topped with pomegranate seeds.

The flat bread was fluffy, there was a generous offering of the aubergine purée, the lamb was perfectly cooked and the pomegranate seeds added another texture and a sharpness to offset the rest of the dish. Offal, for those of you who don’t know, is the internal organs and entrails of an animal and is a great way to utilise all parts of the animal as the flavour is super intense. The offal in this case was really flavoursome and cooked perfectly, succulent and tender.

Plateau had also curated the drinks menu, I went for the ‘bubbles’ option. I wish I’d taken down the name of it because it was lovely. My dining partner tried both the reds on offer.

The Polygon pop ups offer a great, informal environment with a chilled atmosphere whilst bringing us some really amazing restaurants and start ups.

What I love the most is that it takes the more up-market, expensive restaurants of Brighton and makes them accessible to the average person. It takes away the intimidation that top end restaurants can sometimes have and is an affordable way to sample their food. Polygon also collaborates with small businesses which operate solely on a pop-up and event basis and is a great way for them to get their name out.

Polygon is there for one more month – until the end of August. They haven’t released their August line up yet but I for one will be making sure I get back there before they close up for Autumn.

You can follow Polygon here on Instagram to find out what’s coming up next.

Plateau’s Instagram is here to keep up to date with them.

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