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I’ve been mulling this, trying to decide how to open this review. If you saw my Instagram on Saturday evening, I was imploring you all to go to Tropical Sushi. My sentiment remains the same, only more so, as they now only have 5 days left at their current site (eagerly awaiting further update as to whether this will be extended).

Tropical Sushi is an event and pop-up sushi outfit who serve ‘Latin sushi’ I’m trying to write this review as quickly as possible so don’t have the time to research it but a quick search on Google shows that it’s not an uncommon concept.

I’ve been following them on Instagram for months (tropicalsushiuk) and so when I saw them at the food festival recently, I was excited to give them a go. I’ve never looked back.

Enough babbling let me get to the good shit…

This is the nicely varied menu; note the very reasonable prices too. The menu is varied without too much choice.

Mini sushi pizza – tempura base, dynamite mix, salmon, teriyaki sauce and mango drizzle

This comes free when you buy two rolls (basically 16 pieces). Great concept that they give this away for free so you can try more of their food – the more you try the more you have to rave about. Everything about this was spot on: perfectly cooked rice, fresh sauces, good quality salmon. We practically licked the plate clean after we’d finished.

Top: Salmon tartar – salmon, avocado with ‘Picadillo’ and tropical dressing. Bottom: Tuna spicy – tuna cubes in their special spicy dressing

I only briefly tried the salmon dish but what I did try was delicious. I went for the Tuna Spicy – cubes of succulent fresh tuna in a very spicy dressing. It packed a little too much heat for my tastebuds so I couldn’t quite work out what the flavours were – aside from lots of chilli! For me personally it needed to be on a bed of something with a cooling effect – the cucumber garnish was a welcome addition!

Tri colour roll – king prawn tempura, avocado, coated with tuna, salmon ebi and avocado

These were all so good, all the fish was fresh, rice cooked to perfection, good flavour combinations and just a hint of sauce grazing them so as not to distract from the flavours. My favourite was the king prawn tempura roll.

Andrea roll – king prawn tempura, unagui, crispy spring onions, king prawn tempura topping and fuji sauce

THIS. WAS. EVERYTHING. We really saved the best for last. Big juicy king prawns in light tempura batter, drenched in the chef’s secret recipe (we tried to coax it out of her what was in it but she wasn’t having it) fuji sauce. She was willing to say that it had a teriyaki base. I don’t know what was in it but I would drink it if given the chance.

The service was excellent, attentive, super enthusiastic staff whose love for this venture is evident – in every word they speak and every plate they serve.

They’re in the Oseta Cafe on North Road until Friday 15th July and are open from 5-10pm each evening. Ready? Set? GO! Update: 28/09/16 Tropical Sushi are looking for a permanent site. They are currently still in Oseta Cafe until further notice.

I’m keeping all my fingers and crossed for an extension or, even better, a permanent restaurant. The more of us who go, the more chance there is of that!

The whole meal, two starters, two rolls plus the free sushi pizzas and four miniature bottles of prosecco came to £52. There is literally no reason for you not to go!

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  1. En verdad, me siento contento con el èxito està obteniendo TROPICAL SUSHI. Igualmente la presentaciòn de este Blog. Un abrazo a mis primos Orlando y Ornella Bianco. Dios los Bendiga..!


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