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Happy Friday! 

I’ve successfully made it through the week, post Glastonbury, and am still alive to tell the tale! I am, however, looking forward to a weekend of doing nothing and hopefully lots of eating…

Here’s a little round up of what I’ve been eating and where over the last two weeks:

First up, Foodilic. BARGAIN CENTRAL. A full review is to follow so keep your eyes peeled.

Centre, a pretty dreadful Pizza Face / Deliveroo offering. A response to my Instagram has not been made by either party, for the record.

Last up, again a full review to follow, was a visit to Burger Off. You’ll need to wait to see how it went!


This, my friends, is my absolute favourite basic bitch lunch. It’s one of my not-so-guilty-guilty pleasures. I introduce to you: the supernoodle sandwich. Feeling shit? Have a supernoodle sandwich. With thick white bread and shit loads of butter. I guarantee it will cheer your chops up.


Have you tried tortilla pizzas yet? If not, I implore you do. They are so simple and quick and really tasty. You can put whatever you like on them and they don’t cost much to make. I went for pesto, mozzarella and salami. See my post on the Body Coach’s book for another example here.


I took my Glastonbury virginity at the weekend. This is a small selection of what I ate over the weekend. Between trying to save my battery and trying not to get rain on my phone I didn’t quite take as many food pictures as I meant to! The highlight for me was definitely the top right – a chargrilled chicken flatbread with fresh cucumber and tomato salad and garlic sauce from Med Kitchen. The bottom right picture is from their stall – the smell from it was incredible. If you see them popping up at an event, I highly recommend you go visit them, you won’t be disappointed!

That’s all for this week. I’m away to cat nap all weekend and try to get back on an even keel after five days of a few hours’ sleep and trudging through mud all weekend! I need to eat some real homecooked food too!

What have you been up to? Been anywhere nice you can recommend for my list?

the wee food blogger 💛

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