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Preparing the weekly round up photo makes me realise I have eaten A LOT this week!

I flew from Gatwick to Edinburgh on Friday. In time honoured tradition, I like to get to the airport the full two hours before so I can treat myself in the shops / restaurants. This time I went for my old faithful Chicken Itame from Wagamamas, it wasn’t as good as the Brighton one but you still can’t go wrong with good old Wagas.

Saturday was spent up in Edinburgh with my ‘little’ sister who is 14 years younger than me and about 14 centimetres taller than me. I ❤️ Edinburgh. We went to the Dungeons as her birthday treat followed by a decidedly average pizza from La Piazza – I had high hopes for this having read their Trip Advisor reviews but it was so overpriced and mediocre I can only assume their reviews were in relation to the non-pizza items on their menu.

Afterwards we went to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and treated ourselves to an amazing white chocolate and raspberry slice. This made up for the average pizza earlier in the day!

Back home my dear Granny made my favourite dinner – homemade fish and chips. Anyone who has ever been to my house over the years knows Granny May’s crinkle cut chips – you cannae beat them.

Every time I go home I always make sure I fit in a proper Scottish chippy. This was from L’Aurora in Pathhead (just south of Edinburgh). A king rib supper and a half smoked sausage with looooooads of broon sauce – just what the doctor ordered 😍

Back at the airport to come back home and I tried the Hoisin Duck pho from Eat, it would have been really nice but the broth they poured over it was lukewarm and so somewhat disappointing. I was upset not to see their Chicken Laksa on the menu – that’s my favourite.

I re-made my Moroccan Shepherd’s Pie after sharing the recipe with you all and was pleased to report it was just as soon second time round 💁🏼 you can find the recipe here

Back in Brighton and on the most measly of budgets, homemade roast tomato soup. Around 37p per bowl AND yummy 💁🏼

Thursday was spent at the Plant Room & Edited official launch night, above was their Naughty Espresso (read: boozy espresso) and canapés from Planted. The new shop is giving Brighton Square a new lease of life and I am hopeful that they, along with Maw Pop Up, will lift the curse of Brighton Square. The owners and staff are all super nice and passionate about what they do – they’re definitely worth a visit and ones to watch. They tell me they’re planning lots of events in the coming months, check out their Insta / Facebook for more info.

Motto of the week: You can do anything.

What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments 👇🏼 anywhere you recommend?

This weekend I am planning on doing nothing, in an attempt to spend no money and detox before Glastonbury on Wednesday 🎉👯🍻🍹🏕⛺️🌅 Do the sun dance for me – hoping for ☀️ and none of ☔️

Fingers crossed!

💛 the wee food blogger

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