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Brunch at Smokeys on the King’s Road

This was my first brunch after completing Whole30 and I was in need of a good brekkie. We decided to try Smokeys as we were planning on going for dinner there the evening before but it was fully booked and I got a little distracted by the brunch menu when on their site and decided we had to try it.


They offer breakfasts up to 12pm or brunch dishes, I believe, all day. There is a vast variety  on the those two menus or you can go straight for the hardcore American food if you should do wish.

We attended at around 11am and there were only two other tables, one of which I believe may have belonged to the hotel upstairs.

For me, it was a toss up between the breakfast burrito and the eggs benedict so when I spotted the ‘Smokeys Benedict Special’ it seemed to merge all the elements I wanted from the two into one dish while the boyfriend went for the Full English. As you can see, the dishes are all pretty good value.


The Full English – I am informed that the sausage was nice and both the yolks were cooked perfectly, it also came with two slices of toast which are out of shot. For £6.45 it’s pretty good value.


The Smokeys Benedict Special which comprises of: muffin, chorizo, pepper, guacamole, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce – again for £6.45.

It was, overall, pretty tasty but there were a few things lacking. The chorizo didn’t taste like it was particularly good quality but the peppers were nicely roasted. The muffin was nicely toasted but the guacamole tasted like it was maybe a day old. The eggs tasted like good quality but sadly they were both overcooked (see below). The hollandaise didn’t taste like it was made by a seasoned classical chef but being that they are an American diner, you wouldn’t necessarily expect that.


No yolk porn 😦  Considering it was dead when we went there, there is no excuse for overcooked eggs unless you are trying to make 25 of them at the same time (they need a lesson from Bill’s) and they need to cut off the dribbly ends.

They add on 10% for service, which, as they purport to bring ‘the Brunch
and BBQ traditions of the Americas home to Britain’s very own melting pot: Brighton’ I think they can be forgiven for as this is standard practice in America.

If you’ve got a dirty hangover, this is the ideal place for a breakfast as you can choose what level of naughtiness you need / can handle. For the value and the location it’s spot on as is the service – the staff were super attentive and the food was brought out in good time.

I definitely want to go back for dinner – I have heard everyone rave about the burgers and ribs. Have you been? What do you recommend?

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124 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2FY

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