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whole30, the results

I have completed Whole30 🙌🏼

You can see more about the Whole30 principles and how the first half of my journey went here.

But now that it’s over, the final weigh in has been done, my final measurements have been taken and I’ve had some ‘normal’ meals I am ready to share the results.

Firstly, to recap on why I started the Whole30 – I had quit smoking and started food blogging at the beginning of the year and the combination of the two had taken their toll on my body. I have weighed the same since I was 14 pretty much consistently and felt out of sorts with myself. You can either moan about it and feel shit or you can do something about it so I opted for the latter and am so glad I did.

The Whole30 aims to change the way you think about food. It does.

There are many aspects that I am going to try to continue with in daily life as I did feel so much better and healthier whilst on Whole30. Old Gok Wan and Danone really hit the nail on the head that ‘feeling good starts from within’.

Increased energy levels; healthier skin, hair and nails; no bloating – these are the main outcomes of doing Whole30.

So, down to the nitty-gritty: in total I lost 4.4 kilos. I was up front from the outset and said I was going to carry on drinking as I had events planned. I have drank more in the last month than I have in the last 6 months and I’ve still had really good results.


Hangovers have been no where near as bad as they normally are I think due to the good quality food I was eating before drinking / on a hangover and was not further dehydrating myself with shit food.

I took initial measurements on Day 4 and the results below speak for themselves…


For 30 days of eating well the results have been really rewarding.

Here are some more examples of the food I have been eating – as you can see I have never gone hungry!

So, all in all, a success and definitely worthwhile.

I am going to aim to continue with most of the principles of Whole30 in moderation and see how I get on. After my first ‘normal’ day on Friday I felt exhausted on Saturday and had to have a midday nap! That, for me, was testament to the legitimacy of the Whole30 principles.

Have you done Whole30? How did you get on? Did it change your outlook too? Or maybe you’re thinking of embarking on it – it’s always good to hear from other people!

You can find out more on their website.

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