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Burger delivery from Coggings & Co, via Deliveroo

It’s a well known fact that Deliveroo is the best thing to happen to the Brighton food scene since Brighton Rock.

It now hosts a plethora of restaurants offering takeaway options to be delivered to your door by the wee Deliveroo guys who buzz about on peds and bikes throughout the city on a daily basis.

One of these restaurants is Coggings & Co, which is located up in Seven Dials. I have heard lots of good things about Coggings & Co so I broke my Whole30 (quelle horreur) when I had a dirty hangover post-bank holiday. I felt a burger and chips (and onion rings… and mayo) were the only thing that were going to sort my life out.

At first glance, it looked oh-so-promising: a big beefy burger, gooey cheese and mayo oozing out the burger, crispy onion rings and chips and both burgers came with a wee pot of mayonnaise.

The beef is obviously good quality, I have no qualms with that. The cheese was gooey and rich, I have no qualms with that.

Sadly, that was the end of the plus points. The burger was dry, the bacon was in short supply, the patty hadn’t been drained before being set on the bun (gluten free), the lettuce was flaccid (as it always is with delivery burgers so I can let them off on that), the onion rings were overcooked and oily and the (beef dripping) chips were dry.


I think all the moisture from the burger seeped into the bun.

I was so disappointed, I could have cried (altogether possible on a hangover). The boyfriend had a chicken burger and said it was okay. He liked the little pot of mayo, I thought it was horrible so binned mine.

For two burgers, two beef dripping chips and one portion of onion rings plus the Deliveroo charge it came to just shy of thirty quid and was not worth it at all. I would rather go to Grubbs (for my review of them see here) and pay £15 and get a lot more bang for my buck or Smoques who also deliver and were infinitely better the last time I had them and a damn sight cheaper.

I had heard so many good things about Coggings – perhaps you need to go to the actual restaurant to get the full experience?  They won ‘best burger’ in the Brighton & Hove Food Awards 2015 so I must have had a one off dodgy experience?!

Have you had a Coggings experience? Was it better than mine? I really hope that they were just having a busy bank holiday and that this was a one off because I do so want for there to be a good burger delivery service in Brighton.

💛 the wee food blogger

87-93 Dyke Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3JE



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