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Cocktail bar review

I know this is not food but it is, however, worthy of note as we had such a good experience here.

Tucked away in Steine Street [look it up] is a little cocktail bar with a prohibition feel to it; we were greeted at the entrance and led through a porch area to be seated on comfy armchairs and old cinema seats, which sounds gimmicky but it really suits the space.

You get table service all night from attentive staff who actually seem to enjoy what they do. I have been to BYOC too (which I actually spent more money on, interestingly) and Plotting Parlour excels in everything that BYOC fails. 

 We had a variety of drinks and they vary from £7-9 on average which is standard for cocktails – we agreed that we didn’t mind paying extra for the service you get which was outstanding – no queuing at the bar or waiting half an hour for cocktails.

My favourite? A strawberry Bellini – prosecco with fresh strawberry purée 👌🏼

If you want a classy night out then I absolutely, hands down, recommend this place, I know I’m going to be telling everyone about it (but not too many people otherwise we’ll never be able to get back in 😉)

💛 #theweefoodblogger

The Aquarium, 6 Steine Street, Brighton, BN2 1TE

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