the connaught, hove, review

Sunday Roast at the Connaught


  • Very good selection of vegetables
  • Cracking yorkshire pudding
  • Good glug of gravy
  • Option to buy 10 chipolatas for ยฃ3.50 and / or broccoli and cauliflower cheese for ยฃ3.50


  • The potatoes were half really good and half a bit dud
  • The porkย was also half and half
  • The crackling was not of note in any way

I gave this a respectable 7.5 / 10. We got to the pub about 3.30pm so I appreciate the quality reduces the later in the day that you attend so I wouldn’t hold it against them when the meat and potatoes have been sitting under heaters for three hours. However, people want roasts in Brighton all day and pubs would do well to remember that.

I think, overall, that it needs a little refining but it was always going to be hard to follow the Foragers.

๐Ÿ’›ย #theweefoodblogger

48 Hove St, Hove, Hove,ย BN3 2DH


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