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market, hove, review

Dinner at Market Restaurant, Western Road, Hove

The former Graze restaurant recently became Market Restaurant which primarily serves up ‘small plates’. I was lucky enough to be invited along to try out some of their wares.

You can either order up everything that you want at the start or you keep your menu in front of you and order as and when you feel like it. The dishes are brought out in no order nor at the same time so that they are all as fresh as can be. The menu is divided up into categories by the shop you would buy it from rather than what type of food it is which is a novel way of presenting dishes.

The dishes we chose were divided up nicely into three lighter plates and three more substantial plates and they were brought out to us in that order.


From the top, clockwise: globe artichokes with fennel, aioli and zatar; flaked haddock, warm potato, egg and dill mayo; scallops with wild boar bacon and honeyed parsnip.

The artichokes were chargrilled and amazing with the aioli, I couldn’t taste much fennel and I have no idea what zatar is so couldn’t tell you if there was any of that but I didn’t taste anything I couldn’t identify.

The flaked haddock, warm potato, egg with dill mayo 👏🏼 this was one of my favourite dishes, perfect for a spring / summer evening.  The fish was cooked perfectly and the mayo was fresh and light, a soft boiled egg and the trick to this plate is to eat the preserved lemon with your mouthfuls – it elevates the dish to a whole new level.

Plate 3, the scallops, we couldn’t fault anything on this plate either, the scallops were just cooked, the boar bacon was light and crispy and not over-salted and parsnip purée was light and smooth.


From the top, clockwise: pig cheek; truffled mac n cheese; croquetas with ham.

The slow roasted pig’s cheek was served with celeriac puree and red cabbage and it literally melted in your mouth. It was perfection.

The truffled mac n cheese was delicately laced with truffle (oil, presumably) and wasn’t too overpowering, I personally could have had it a bit cheesier.

The croquetas were lovely and creamy on the inside and crisp on the outside, they were perfectly cooked. They were served with a beetroot dip which was divine.

We did order dessert but sadly had to send it back as the base of the cheesecake was rock solid but we didn’t hold it against them as the rest of the meal was en pointe.

Great service, great food and a lovely setting; it is a little on the pricy side with plates averaging out around £7 each, we had 6 between two of us and it was enough but I could have eaten more for sure, if you are looking to treat yourself it is definitely worth a visit!

Have you tried Market Restaurant? I am desperate to try their brunch and Sunday lunch (maybe that could be my next trick – do them both on the same day?!) 💛 #theweefoodblogger

42 Western Road, Hove, BN3 1JD


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