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Lumberjacks, located in deep dark Hangleton (BN41?!), offer “guilt-free fast food” with a range of chicken burgers marinaded and then grilled and health(ier) option sides such as rice with herbs, sweet potato fries and skinny slaw.  They currently deliver to postcodes BN3 / BN41 / BN42 / some BN1 / some BN43 – they have a map on their website showing the catchment areas if you are not sure.

On a lone Friday night in, I decided to treat myself to a one of these bad boys. I oped for the chicken and bacon burger with sweet potato fries. Once you’ve made your choice, you can then add sauce, I went for BBQ but they also offer hot peri, sweet chilli, light mayo and honey mustard.

You can swap the bun for a wrap or just go for a chicken box depending on your preferences. The bun was soft and light but sadly, as is often the way with delivered burgers, the whole thing was a bit soggy and flaccid. The whole thing could definitely have been hotter too – maybe some points they need to address if they are delivering to BN1 / BN2 and BN3 postcodes from their HQ in BN41.

However, the sweet potato fries were 💯 – even if you just order those you wouldn’t be disappointed!

I have heard mixed reviews – some people are all over Lumberjacks and others have the same thoughts as me on the flaccidity (what a word!) so perhaps it’s hit and miss.

I would, however, definitely order again. Probably if Deliveroo was too busy as the restaurants on there will always be my first choice.  

Note: they now deliver to the beach on the Hove seafront (Kingsway) side which I think is a brilliant idea. Hopefully this will add to their popularity and they will up their game on the consistency.

Very reasonable value at £12 for this plus a can of juice and that included delivery. Have you tried Lumberjacks? Maybe there is something better to try? Let me know 🙂 💛 #theweefoodblogger

Lansdowne House,Clarendon Place, Portslade, BN41 1DJ

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