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the dorset, brighton, review

Real scampi and chips

Of everything I have eaten this year so far, this is the one that I keep thinking back to. I just can’t get over how good it was.

When you order scampi and chips, there is that realistic level of expectation that it will taste like every other scampi and chips you’ve ever had – and that’s a good thing, you know where you stand with scampi. It’s naughty but nice.  THIS WAS A WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Actual fresh scampi, in the Dorset’s ale and batter mix with skin on chips.The chips were GID. My dining companions had the steak and they were both raving about how good that was too.

There’s not a lot else I can say about it, other than this: if you like scampi, go and eat this. Immediately.

Take a bow, The Dorset, take a bow 👊🏼


28 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YB

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