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lean in 15, the body coach, cookbook review

Recipe testing from Lean in 15, by the Body Coach


Tortilla pizza 🍕with baked egg topping

I was a bit naughty and put mozzarella and salami on mine 🐷 so don’t recommend this if you’re following his weight loss programme! If you are, however, looking for a healthier alternative to a pizza then this is pretty good.

Throw on your toppings and bake for 10-12 minutes, I have a fan oven and had it at 210 degrees for 10 minutes. I also used tomato purée, garlic purée, a touch of water and some basil as the base.  This is a really good idea when you’ve had fajitas and got some leftover tortillas that never seem to get used up! 🌯  I also used rocket as had some in the fridge and gave it a bit more depth.  I would definitely recommend trying out some tortilla pizzas and test out your own toppings – let me know how you get on 😊


Chicken and potato hash

Next we tried the chicken and potato hash from the book, I substituted spinach for rocket and paprika for harissa for an extra kick and it was delicious (I also threw in some mushrooms that needed using).  I am the first person to admit, I am rubbish at reading instructions 🙊 so I tend to use cookbooks as inspiration and this was yummy

* PERFECT POACHED EGG ALERT * Can’t make a poached egg? 🍳 follow his instructions to the T – he knows his poached eggs this was PERFECTION (note: I cracked my egg into a cup then slowly dropped into a large pot which stops the skanky egg tails from happening too much and trimmed them down after cooking) • Have you tried @thebodycoach recipes? What do you recommend? 💛 #theweefoodblogger

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