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homemade pulled pork, recipe

We had friends over for dinner so I attempted homemade pulled pork and it was a resounding success so I thought I would share this with you. Note: you will need a slow cooker for this recipe.

In Tiger Stores (best mini Ikea ever), you can pick up a large bag of barbeque seasoning for £1. I bought a bag months ago and have made several lots of this and still have plenty to spare so it goes a long way. You can, of course, use any barbeque seasoning of your choice.

For four (hungry) people, I cooked 1kg of pork shoulder. When we have it for two of us, I ask the butcher for 300 – 400g and that does us just fine. The night before, pour the barbeque seasoning all over the pork, wrap in cling film and pop in the fridge. In the morning, before you go to work, pop the pork in the slow cooker on a low setting and pop the lid on. Go to work. Do your bidding. Come home.




It really is that simple! Take it out of the slow cooker and take two forks to pull it apart. It should fall apart easily and when you eat it, it will melt in your mouth. Serve in buns with sweet potato fries and / or macaroni cheese and some slaw on the side.

You can thank me later 💛 #theweefoodblogger

Note: if cooking 300-400g of pork, cook on slow for 3-4 hours otherwise it will be too tough.

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