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geysir bistro & bar, reykjavik, review

Dinner at Geysir Bistro & Bar, Reykjavik

For the boyfriend’s actual birthday, we wandered round town, several times, trying to decide where to go. If you are bad at making dinner decisions, I would recommend planning places to try before attending – Reykjavik has a wealth of restaurants all over town and it’s really difficult to choose which one to go for!


Lobster soup

Another day, another soup, another that did not disappoint! This one was lobster soup with cream and oil drizzle served with crusty bread.  The soup was creamy and rich and the lobster (a generous portion of!) was plump and succulent.


Seafood pasta

Shrimp, mussels and langoustine in a tomato sauce with fresh tagliatelle and served with cheesy garlic bread. I love that they’re a bit classy and a bit not by chucking some cheddar on the fresh bread – winner 🙌🏼 – this is my kind of establishment!  I was quite full after my massive bowl of soup but I ate the lot because it was so yummy. The boyfriend had a lamb kebab, which I had a taste of and it literally melted in your mouth.

Geysir Bistro is definitely worth a visit if you head to Reykjavik – not quite on the same level as Forrettabarinn but it was slightly cheaper so fantastic on balance.

Have you been here? 💛#theweefoodblogger

Aðalstræti, Reykjavík, Iceland

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