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Brunch box review

I treated the boyfriend and I to a @brunchbox_brighton delivery where they deliver you the ingredients to make the perfect brunch 🙌🏼.

 All the ingredients were top quality and locally sourced where possible. 


One brunch box includes 2 slices of @realpatisserie_wr chewy brown, 2 Brighton sausage company sausages and rashers of bacon, 2 eggs, one field mushroom, a tub of Heinz baked beans, a field mushroom, a bottle of OJ and some @smallbatchcr coffee grounds (you can switch to instant or tea) plus sachets of ketchup and brown sauce and @lurpakuk butter 👌🏼. Extra brownie points for the Heinz Ketchup and HP Brown sauce and Lurpak butter. 2016-02-21_1456070381

Thoughts? Reaaaalllly tasty but I could have eaten the whole box myself 🐷 it just isn’t quite big enough for me but it was a lovely treat and reasonable at £12.00 including delivery so would definitely recommend. I think, based on the fact that you have to cook it yourself and then do the washing up afterwards, I would be happier paying to go out as it would work out cheaper and save on the dreaded washing up. Or they could offer multi-buy discounts i.e. two boxes for £20 to make it a little more palatable. They’re still quite a new company and from the other reviews I have since seen on Brunch Box, they are getting similar feedback so perhaps they will take this on board. 

They also have other boxes which I want to try – American pancakes anyone? They also offer additional extras, which I LOVE. They have ‘hangover’ tab where you can buy naughty treats such as a Caramel wafer – which my 12G girls know got us through our horrendous hangover in Edinburgh after a messy night out.  Have you tried their other boxes? What do you suggest we try next?  💛 #theweefoodblogger

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